Mid-Ocean Ridges Interactive

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Your class will be on top of their game when it comes to mid-ocean ridges! The second installment in a 13-part series focuses on the 65,000-km underwater ridge system that spans our globe. Junior oceanographers practice placing the continents, identifying the locations of mid-ocean ridges, and determining the age of the crust at distances from the ridge.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Print the questions that accompany the activities for a quick formative assessment
  • Bring samples of basalt to class to allow learners to explore with their senses
Classroom Considerations

  • Use the interactive in beginning to intermediate-level geology and earth science classes
  • Schedule computer time to complete all portions of the lesson

  • The activities provide great hands-on modeling for relating continents, plates, and ridges
  • Teachers can print the lesson if computers are not available

  • Mid-Ocean Ridges interactive is formatted as a CD, but it is supposed to play as a Quicktime video