Modeling a Context from Data (part 2)

Forgive me, I regress. Building upon previous modeling activities, the class examines models using the regression function on a graphing calculator. They use the modeling process to interpret the context and to make predictions based upon the model. 

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CCSS: Designed
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Instructional Ideas
  • In order to keep the calculator from getting in the way, spend some class time using the regression function on a graphing calculator prior to beginning the lesson
  • Present a review of the correlation coefficient and what it means
Classroom Considerations
  • Calculator with regression capabilities is needed
  • Regression instructions are needed for non-TI calculators
  • The seventh in a 10-module series designed as the last unit in an Algebra I course
  • Provides TI directions on how to use the regression function
  • Provides scaffolding suggestions
  • None