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Graphing Functions to Solve Equations

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Intersections become solutions. Scholars watch a video on using a graphing calculator to find the solution to an equation in one variable. While watching the presentation, pupils practice working some of the examples and compare their answers to the given answer within the video. Learners then practice finding the solution to 15 different equations in the provided activity.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Spend some time to be sure class members can use their graphing calculator to find the point of intersection and to enter different functions into the calculator
Classroom Considerations
  • Installment four in the Algebra I Unit 8 playlist with five parts on functions
  • Requires a graphing calculator
  • Includes screenshots of the calculator window to show the intended graph in the answer key
  • Reviews the arithmetic of absolute value and square root to introduce absolute value and square root functions
  • None
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