Lesson Plan

Feeling Faces

A lesson plan help scholars identify emotions through facial expressions. After a friendly puppet reads scholars a poem all about feelings, learners act out how they would feel when a specific action happens to them. Participants watch and decide which emotion their peer is performing. Class members draw a picture of showing how they look when feeling an emotion of their choice.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Add movement to the lesson—instead of showing fingers, instruct pupils to clap, jump, or wiggle
  • Display pictures on a feelings-themed bulletin board alongside a large replica of the poem
  • Make more cards by drawing a variety of emotions not already featured
Classroom Considerations
  • A counselor or classroom teacher can conduct the lesson
  • The emotion cards look best printed in color
  • The final lesson in a series of four explores feelings
  • The lesson develops self-awareness and social awareness 
  • Comes with emotion cards and pre-filled activity strips
  • None
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