Checking the Emotion Thermometer

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A hand-drawn thermometer provides a strong visual for how much of an emotion a child is feeling. Scholars color the thermometer's mercury to showcase whether what they are feeling is high or low at a certain moment. Questions allow learners to reflect on their feelings. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Laminate or place papers in plastic sheet covers, then Instruct pupils to keep their thermometer safely in their binder so they can reuse it 
  • Instruct class members to write their question responses on a sheet of paper or in a journal 
  • Have a large drawing of a thermometer displayed in the classroom, surround it with feeling words for learners to reference as an aid to express their feelings 
Classroom Considerations
  • Create a safe environment for class members who may not be comfortable sharing their feelings
  • Observe participants responses, take the necessary action as a mandated reporter 
  • The thermometer can be used to explain a variety of feelings 
  • Social and emotional learning benefits learners now and in the future 
  • None