Lesson Plan

Ethical Decision Making

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When faced with a dilemma, how do journalists decide how much news to use? Social media scholars explore the philosophies of ethical resolution in the first of a 16-part Social Media Toolbox series. Partnered pupils use a Potter Box to analyze a given scenario before completing individual essays describing what they learned from the process.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Create a few back-up scenarios for groups to analyze in case some finish early
  • Recruit members of your journalism community to evaluate group Potter Box presentations
Classroom Considerations
  • Place learners in groups of three or four and keep the same groups for the entire lesson
  • Consider creating a fillable Potter Box template and having each group complete theirs on computers
  • The resource encompasses many different philosophies and approaches to ethical decision-making
  •  Teacher tools make lesson planning and delivery simple
  • None