Dear Miss Breed

This compelling plan based on the letters in the book Dear Miss Breed engages readers in learning what it was like for Japanese Americans following the attacks at Pearl Harbor. After reading the letters, young scholars will partake in several literacy exercises as well as whole group discussions.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Compare the letters to current news events or to Anne Frank's diary written during WWII
  • Monitor learners as they discuss letters and adapt letters to simulate real-life situations
  • For middle schoolers, use the letters to teach letter writing skills
  • This exercise can be extended to include a thematic unit on reading the book in its entirety and also comparing to other texts
Classroom Considerations
  • Instruction requires a copy of the book Dear Miss Breed by Joanne Oppenheim
  • Classroom procedures need to be in place for holding whole-group discussions
  • Even though this exercise is for one class period, it can be extended to themed unit
  • This task provides an opportunity for a thoroughly engaging, constructive conversation 
  • The non-fiction letters transmit the class to time travel
  • Prodigious way to integrate history into literacy
  • Time constraints at school may not allow reading the entire book of Dear Miss Breed