Causes of the Causes: What Are the Root Causes of This Problem?

A "Causes of the Causes" diagram enables class members to examine the contributing factors to a problem. After reading a poem that models the process, class members, either in gorps or individually, diagram an issues they are passionate about or a problem they are having. After sharing their work, class members look for common root causes revealed by most of the diagrams.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Instructors should prepare for the lesson by accessing the linked background materials
  • Have the class develop an action plan to address a root cause in their community
Classroom Considerations
  • Fourth of eight resources in the Introduction to Environmental Justice, Equity, and Health unit
  • Requires colored pens or pencils
  • A protocol must be in place to ensure a safe, respect discussion of controversial issues
  • The seven-page packet includes step-by-step directions and sample diagrams
  • None