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Greenhouse Gas Emissions – Natural and Human Causes

This Greenhouse Gas Emissions – Natural and Human Causes lesson plan also includes:

Part three in the series of seven has pupils discussing the different greenhouses gases, learning about the carbon cycle, and then watching a short video about the carbon cycle. Based on their knowledge, individuals complete a greenhouse gas diagram and answer some questions. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Have learners work in pairs until they reach the greenhouse emission diagram and then have them work independently to show what they have learned
Classroom Considerations
  • Video referenced is a brain-pop video which requires a subscription; brain-pop does offer some videos for free, but a different video over the carbon cycle could easily be used
  • Depending upon length of discussions, level of classes, and length of class periods, the lesson could be completed in one to two classes
  • Activity includes a box about misconceptions scholars may have and information to correct it, specifically that the ozone hole causes global warming
  • All worksheets, diagrams, and links to resources are found throughout the lab
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