Lesson Plan

Biotechnological Issues and Bioethics

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Culminate a bioethics unit with the implementation of a lesson that incorporates the Socratic method to encourage class feedback and participation. Pupils participate in a discussion on bioethics and morality, complete a writing seminar, and hold a mock debate to explore information generated by their letters. They make informed decisions and provide rationale for why they view biotechnological issues in a certain perspective.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Hold a focus group to conclude the activity to reflect on views and explore whether any ideas changed and, if so, why
Classroom Considerations
  • Prepare participation voucher in advance
  • Serves as a post-learning lesson to combine knowledge, uses, and types of biotechnology
  • Provides room for additional questions and encourages participation from all class members
  • May be modified if Socratic method is not warranted and adapted to suit a larger or smaller class with a writing-based activity
  • Requires firm grasp of the class as a whole and the ability to effectively facilitate, as a discussion could bring up deeply held beliefs in the subject area