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Ancient Egypt | What Everyday Life Was Actually Like Video
Ancient Egypt | What Everyday Life Was...
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Prepositional Phrases for Kids | English Grammar Video Video
Prepositional Phrases for Kids | English...
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Lesson Planet

Speaking & Listening: 4th Grade ELA Common Core

For Teachers 4th Standards
Reinforce speaking and listening skills with a collection created for the fourth grade scholar in mind. Pupils take part in an assortment of lesson plans designed to meet Common Core's speaking and listening standards. Be sure to check...
10 Items in Collection
Lesson Planet

Reading Across the Lower Elementary Curriculum

For Teachers K - 2nd Standards
Who doesn't love a good story? Cover your basic subjects—English language arts, math, science, and social studies—with a collection comprised of lesson plans, activities, projects, and worksheets all of which focus on a story book...
Lesson Planet

Camelea: Like a Seagull

For Students 1st - 3rd Standards
Hummingbirds and seagulls—how different and alike are the two birds? At her brother's birthday party, Camelea taps into her inner bird as she dances like a zippy hummingbird. But when it is time to sleep, she thinks of the calm seagull...
Lesson Planet

Charlie Brown and Friends

For Teachers 3rd - 5th Standards
Charles Schulz' Charlie Brown and Friends, a collection of Peanuts comic strips, provides young readers with an opportunity to engage in full-class discussions, work in groups to examine how Schulz develops his characters, and...
1 In 1 Collection
Lesson Planet

Read-Aloud Lesson: Officer Buckle and Gloria

For Teachers 1st - 3rd Standards
The children's book Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathmann is a great story for teaching young learners about teamwork and the importance of following rules. In a detailed, read-aloud lesson, children learn to use both the words and...
Lesson Planet

The Class Election from the Black Lagoon Storia Teaching Guide

For Teachers 2nd - 3rd Standards
One of my favorite things about this resource is that they use a standardized lexile to help you determine who should be reading what book. I also love this great teacher's guide for the book, The Class Election from the Black Lagoon. In...
Lesson Planet

Telling Stories with Coding Robots

For Teachers 1st - 3rd Standards
This STEM lesson challenges scholars to tell a story by way of coding robots. Using the familiar story of The Three Little Pigs, the class works collaboratively to code robots in a way that travels from picture to picture following the...
Lesson Planet

FRAME Your Worldview

For Teachers 2nd - 5th Standards
Scholars employ FRAME to comprehend the story, Voices in the Park by Anthony Browne. Learners practice using multiple perspectives by examining objects, then complete graphic organizers. A read-aloud challenges pupils to consider the...
Lesson Planet

Vote for Grace!

For Teachers 1st - 3rd Standards
Boost reading comprehension skills with a lesson designed around the story, Grace for President by Kelly DiPucchio. A KWL chart introduces the story's topic—running for president—followed by a read-aloud. The class analyzes the main...
Lesson Planet

Animal Diversity and Tracking

For Teachers K - 5th Standards
What exactly are those glowing eyes in the night? Learners run an experiment to attract local wildlife and then document the number of visitors by identifying their tracks. They then analyze the data to draw conclusions about the types...
Lesson Planet

Vote for Duck!

For Teachers 1st - 3rd Standards
Would a duck make a good president? This one would! Read about a fowl's ascent to the highest office in the land with a lesson based on Doreen Cronin's Duck for President.
Lesson Planet

Miss Nelson vs. Miss Swamp?

For Teachers 1st - 3rd Standards
That substitute teacher looks awfully familiar! Clear up any cases of mistaken identity with a lesson that compares Miss Nelson to her similar-looking (but differently behaving) counterpart, Miss Swamp, in Miss Nelson is Missing....
Lesson Planet

Great Summarizing with Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

For Teachers 2nd - 4th Standards
That's not rain, it's ... meatballs! Young readers retell the story of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs by Judi Barrett with both a verbal and written summary of the plot, characters, conflict, setting, and solution.
Lesson Planet

Children’s Illustrators #2: Eric Carle

For Teachers 2nd - 5th Standards
Budding artists get to know Eric Carle's artistic style reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar and viewing several other titles. Using similar blending techniques, scholars create a collage based on the story. 
Lesson Planet

The Snow Queen Study Guide

For Teachers K - 8th Standards
Your students may be more familiar with Disney's Frozen than its source material, "The Snow Queen" by Hans Christian Andersen, but after a theater lesson on the story's characters, author, and adaptation to the stage, they'll understand...
Lesson Planet

Visual Literacy: Using Images to Increase Comprehension

For Teachers K - 12th Standards
A colorful PowerPoint is a great way to introduce the topic of visual literacy. The eye-catching presentation begins with an overview of visual literacy and then provides some specific strategies to help enhance reading comprehension. As...
Lesson Planet

Book Study: The Polar Express

For Students 1st - 3rd Standards
All aboard! Pair a reading of The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg with a set of literacy activities. The packet of worksheets includes task cards, sorting activities, a synonym match, comparing and contrasting activities, writing...
Lesson Planet

Matilda - The Platinum-Blond Man

For Teachers 3rd - 7th Standards
Before reading Chapter Six, "The Platinum-Blond Man" in Matilda, readers preview the illustration of Mrs. Wormwood dropping her plate of food, and think about what may have happened to cause the scene. After reading the chapter, class...
Lesson Planet

Summer Reading Record

For Students 1st - 3rd Standards
No more summer reading lag! Give young readers a set of graphic organizers and worksheets to keep track of the books they read over the summer and to keep reading comprehension skills fresh. The graphic organizers include identifying...
Lesson Planet


For Students 1st - 3rd Standards
Inferencing is a necessary reading skill to uncover non-explicit messages in text. Use the set of resources as a way to guide learners toward becoming expert inferrers through reading prompts and literature with text and without text.
Lesson Planet

The Giving Tree Anniversary Teaching Guide

For Teachers K - 4th Standards
Celebrate poetry month all of April with a guide that uses six of Shel Silverstein's most famous books as a basis for the lessons. Discussion questions and writing activities are provided for each of Silverstein's books.
Lesson Planet

Hooray For Diffendoofer Day!

For Teachers K - 6th Standards
Eleven engaging activities make up a story guide that accompanies Dr. Seuss' Hooray For Diffendoofer Day! Scholars design a fictional classroom setting including scary face tests, writing job descriptions, adapting the book into a play,...
Lesson Planet

Show, Don't Tell Sentences

For Students 1st - 6th Standards
The written word has a magical way of evoking the most descriptive images in one's mind. Encourage scholars to write descriptively with a worksheet that challenges young writers to show, not tell, what traits make up a character. 
Lesson Planet

Camelea: Like the Elephants

For Students 1st - 3rd Standards
Camelea loves the ocean air, breeze and beautiful things she sees on the beach. Her brother and mother both want her to swim in the ocean, but she doesn't want to get water in her nose. Follow along with the story to see how Camelea...