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Turn your class' focus on how wheelchairs assist individuals with disabilities to become more independent with this disabilities lesson plan. Scholars listen to a read aloud of the book, Zoom! by Robert Munsch, answer questions about key details from the text, work collaboratively to draw and create a story of their own, and compare and contrast the story they heard to another of similar subject.


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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Create a flipped classroom assignment by assigning the link to the museum's homepage for a preview to what the class will discuss when they return to school 
  • Schedule a Disabilities Awareness Day at your school; conduct this lesson as part of the day's instruction 
  • Take a school tour to identify the areas on campus that are wheelchair friendly
Classroom Considerations
  • Visit the library or download the books, Zoom! by Robert Munsch and Rolling Along by James Riggio Heelan
  • Drawing and writing materials are required
  • Teacher directions are written in detail allowing for easy implementation 
  • None