Unit Plan

Smart Solutions: English Language Development Lessons (Theme 6)

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Smart Solutions is the theme of a unit created to meet the needs of English language earners. Through a series of lessons, scholars follow a routine—move, speak, and listen— to cover topics including stores, shops, celebrations, pets, cleaning, sewing, fabrics, clothing, different types of weather, rooms in a house, restaurants, and music. Embedded within each topic learners enhance their proficiency in read words with specific spelling patterns, adjectives—comparative and superlative—synonyms, antonyms, cognates, ordering important, information, patterns, paraphrasing, contractions, adverbs, and dictionary skills. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Conduct lessons in homogenous small groups for a more targeted practice session 
  • Send a letter home to families to inform them of the unit's topic and how to encourage language skills outside of school 
  • Pose questions on a classroom blog and discuss aloud to reinforce written and language skills 
Classroom Considerations
  • Some curriculum specific material is referenced but not provided; however, ESL lessons may still be implemented with modifications
  • The unit is the second of three in a themed series created by Houghton Mifflin designed to accompany their English language arts curriculum 
  • Lessons' corresponding worksheet is pictured on the teacher instruction page
  • Language support for common challenges and multi-level response prompts are provided
  • None