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Core Knowledge Kindergarten ELA Curriculum

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A kindergarten ELA curriculum designed by the Core Knowledge Foundation is comprised of a series of 12 read-aloud units. Each unit takes 3 weeks to complete and consists of several lessons following a common routine of introducing, listening to, and discussing a reading, with additional word practice and extension activities provided. Unit topics include nursery rhymes, the five senses, retelling stories, plants, farms, Native Americans, kings and queens, the seasons, weather, Columbus, pilgrims, colonial towns, taking care of the Earth, presidents, and American symbols. Family letters and various other supporting materials are also available.

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plants, weather, abraham lincoln, aesop's fables, air pollution, autumn, barack obama, bees, characters, children's literature, christopher columbus, cinderella, colonial america, colonies, columbus day, composting, early explorers, explorers, fables, fairy tales, farming, fiction, flowering plants, flowers, garbage, george washington, george washington carver, goldilocks and the three bears, helen keller, honey bees, human impact on the environment, indigenous people, informational texts, johnny appleseed, living things, meteorology, mount rushmore, native american culture, native american history, native american legends, native american music, native american tribes, native americans, natural resources, nonfiction, nonfiction texts, nursery rhymes, parts of a flower, parts of a plant, personification, planet earth, plant growth, plant life cycles, plot, pollination, pollution, reading comprehension strategies, recycling, retelling, retelling stories, rhyming, rhyming words, seasonal change, sequence of events, setting, spring, storms, story structure, summer, thanksgiving, the earth, the environment, the first thanksgiving, the five senses, the four seasons, the little red hen, the white house, theodore roosevelt, thomas jefferson, washington d.c., water pollution, winter, winter weather, ocean pollution, blindness, chicken little, cultural stories, deafness, deciduous trees, plymouth colony, read-alouds, responding to literature, responding to reading, sense of hearing, sense of sight, sense of smell, sense of taste, sense of touch, the mayflower, the three little pigs, united states presidents, weather changes, weather types, reading, reading comprehension, fall, sense of vision, the american colonies, north american native americans, the wampanoag, plant earth
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