Why Does Media Literacy Matter?

This Why Does Media Literacy Matter? unit also includes:

Criticism of news and entertainment journalism is at an all-time high. Help 21st-century learners develop the media literacy skills they need to become critical consumers with a three-lesson guide the looks at persuasive techniques used in media, forms of advertising seen on social media platforms, and challenges faced by both Canadian and US news feeds.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Have groups examine how the same event is reported on by a variety of broadcast and print news sources and present their findings to the class
Classroom Considerations
  • Designed for use with books from Crabtree Publishing, but lessons can be taught using alternative texts
  • The lesson can be taught in sequence or independently
  • Requires copies
  • The 17-page packet includes background information, three lessons, and a worksheet
  • Each lesson includes an activity and an assessment rubric
  • None