Lesson Plan

Water in Earth's Hydrosphere

This Water in Earth's Hydrosphere lesson plan also includes:

Environmentalists test stream water for temperature, pH, and turbidity. Each group shares their information and then the class makes an overall evaluation of the water quality. A slide show sets the backdrop for the teaching portion and the wrap-up discussion. It even links to a six-minute video containing general information about water. A simple and traditional activity is supported by plenty of additional resources, and saves you a bucket of time! Consider some of the other water lessons by the same publisher.

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  • A worksheet, complete with adorable graphics, walks learners through the entire water quality testing process
  • An 11-slide presentation contains teacher's notes to support direct instruction
  • Can be used in conjunction with other water lessons by NASA
  • Though the publisher mentions Next Generation Science Standards, they are not quite met with this activity