Viral Attack

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Can you catch the same cold twice? Elementary and middle schoolers learn about what happens when a virus attacks their bodies, and how the immune system never forgets a virus, with an entertaining comic book. The packet includes educational facts about the different types of cells involved in fighting viruses, as well as the function of the lymph system in building immunity.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Have your class make their own comic strips about the immune system, or write scripts for skits that demonstrate the same information
  • Assign specific viruses and their vaccine history to small groups for them to research and present to peers
Classroom Considerations
  • The comic strip doesn't make as much without background knowledge; consider including it after you have covered the information in the packet, rather than before
  • The resource is in color, so projecting it onto the board or allowing learners to read it electronically might be helpful
  • Provides a helpful glossary at the end of the resource for relevant vocabulary
  • Explains complex concepts in a straightforward and engaging way
  • Comes with links to the publishers' websites for extension activities and additional materials
  • Includes a coloring book activity
  • None