Lesson Plan

Human Body Series - Digestive System

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With articles entitled, "What's Puke?" and "What is a Fart?" this digestive system lesson is sure to be a gas! Elementary anatomists do a belly dance to illustrate how food moves through the digestive system and then design a board game in which the board is shaped like the organs involved. Several articles and a video are available through the publisher's website to provide information. Note that because the website has been updated since the production of this document, not all of the article and video titles are the same. Don't eliminate it, however! Laughter and learning are sure to be expelled during this session!

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CCSS: Adaptable
NGSS: Adaptable
  • Kinesthetic activities, videos, articles, and games engage every type of learner
  • Colorful kid-friendly website hosts informative articles
  • Individual videos available for teeth and tongue in addition to the digestive system
  • Videos come with links to even more online activities
  • None