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Using the Zero Product Property to Solve Quadratic Functions

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The last step of solving a quadratic factoring problem is often the stumbling block for algebra learners. Setting each factor equal to zero and solving the mini-equations isn't an intuitive process to learners new to the zero product property. This short video breaks down the use of this property in a calm and approachable manner. Great to have on hand for either a quick introduction or a focused mini-lesson refresher. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Consider linking to this video on your website as homework help when covering the topic in class
  • Great assignment for a flipped classroom model, before using the zero product property in problems
  • Useful for small-group remediation or re-teaching
Classroom Considerations
  • Write out problems onto a worksheet ahead of time, and then pause the video while pupils or small groups work out the problem
  • Color coding of different roots might cause problems for visually impaired learners
  • Those not as strong in factoring skills might need the steps between the polynomial and factored form worked out for clarity
  • Video is not on YouTube, but does require streaming access
  • Emphasis on a single part of solving equations, without getting bogged down in precursor steps
  • Several similar examples, solved logically and similarly to help learners develop patterns and strategies
  • Color-coded solutions separate root values effectively
  • No student notes or companion worksheet provided