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Zero Product Principle

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Some lessons feature videos, some interactive practice problems, and some have notes and activities. This comprehensive look at factoring and solving polynomial equations using the zero product principle has all of this and more. Though a fully self-sufficient and turnkey activity with instruction and assessments, it might also be easily broken out into useful bits for your specific curriculum. Notable in the module is the scaffolding nature of the interactive practice questions, where wrong answers yield easier questions and right answers harder questions. A fabulous and engaging resource, which is a must-have for any algebra teacher's back pocket.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Consider using as a computer lab lesson for the class to complete independently under supervision
  • Great for homebound learners, intensive remediation, or letting more advanced pupils work at their own pace
  • Break out pieces of the lesson (videos or activities, for example) and add to existing curriculum
Classroom Considerations
  • Consider requiring teacher approval for taking the quiz until individuals have completed the practice / lesson activities
  • Several of the resources are teaching aids for specific styles of teaching (pre-, during, and post-read checklists in particular)
  • Several activities and applications are in tabs other than the main tab on this lesson
  • The student activities in the Real World tab are particularly good
  • Videos are linked in from YouTube, if site access is limited in the classroom
  • Built-in notes, videos, and activities engage many styles and strengths of learning
  • Practice questions scaffold learners by requiring correct answers to progress in difficulty
  • Activities integrate computer work with pencil-and-paper math practice
  • Connected resources (library search in particular) for remediation
  • None