Unit Assessment: From Identity to Action

Four projects enable class members to show what they have learned about ways they can stand up for democracy. to begin, individuals review their identity charts and craft a mask that represents themselves. Next, groups create a short, illustrated children's book about conformity and belonging. The third project asks groups to create a School Declaration of Human Rights infographic. The final project has class members developing an action plan for something they could do to raise awareness and inspire change.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Create rubrics that delineate the expectations for the four projects
Classroom Considerations
  • Set aside extra prep time to collect mask-making materials
  • The final resource in the 15-lesson Standing Up for Democracy unit
  • Access to the lesson presentation requires a free account
  • Includes a link to a teaching strategies page for a list of additional collaborative projects and ways class members might share their projects with the school community
  • No rubrics are included for the four projects