Historical Landmark Project

This Historical Landmark Project activity also includes:

Close a unit or the year with a five-step research project. Class members choose a US landmark, research the landmark, compose a report about it, build a model of it, and present their model and findings to the class. Each step is described in detail on this assignment page. The project is well thought out and should prove engaging for pupils. While originally designed for fifth graders, the project could easily be adapted for students of other ages.

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  • Includes very detailed requirements that will help guide pupils as they work on their research, reports, models, and presentations
  • Multi-step project requires individuals to use several sets of skills
  • Comes with a list of 50 landmarks that students use to choose and rank their project choices
  • There are specific due dates listed; however, since the resource is a Word document, this information is easily changed
  • Some learners may need additional scaffolding, especially for the written report, so you may consider spending time in class planning and preparing for writing
  • A rubric is not included, but could be fairly easily drafted using the clear project requirements listed