Unit 1 Review: Analyze Graphs and Expressions

Get in one last practice. Pupils work through 12 problems and a performance task to review the topics in Unit 1. The problems cover analyzing and modeling with graphs, algebraic properties of equality, and adding, subtracting, and multiplying polynomials. Scholars combine the skills and apply them to complete the short performance task at the end of the review.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Use performance on the review to determine which class members may need more practice
  • Have classmates grade each others' reviews and provide constructive feedback
Classroom Considerations
  • Assumes individuals have completed the five lessons in the Algebra 1 Unit 1 series
  • The review is split up by lesson to allow learners to go back to find information
  • Provides additional practice to help reach mastery
  • None