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Understanding Forms and Sources of Energy

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What is the difference between a form of energy and a source of energy? This first activity in a series of 19 lessons uses demonstrations and discussions to introduce energy to the class. Through using hand-generator flashlights, classmates construct an energy transformation chain starting at the sun and ending with the radiant energy of the light bulb. Worksheets provide the information to classify the nine primary sources of energy into renewable and non-renewable.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use this lesson as an introduction to any unit on energy
  • The pupils may not be familiar with energy transformation chains and may require additional work with them
Classroom Considerations
  • To complete all the demonstrations, you will need an incandescent light bulb and lamp, a non-LED battery-operated flashlight, and a non-LED hand-generator flashlight
  • The teacher-guiding questions within the resource have sample answers
  • Resource provides the vocabulary taught in the lesson
  • The PowerPoint that is mentioned in the resource is not available