Energy Foundations

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Only 10 percent of an incandescent bulb's energy is used to create light; the remaining 90 percent is heat. In the unit of activities, young chemists examine energy through hands-on activities, videos, discussions, and readings. Scholars explore what energy is, how it is used, and how energy changes in addition to thermodynamics and the theories of energy. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Use all activities for a unit on energy or pick activities to supplement a current unit on energy
Classroom Considerations
  • Some video links do not work, but the resource includes the transcripts
  • Includes higher-level readings which are fairly long; teachers should differentiate for classes as needed
  • The materials list is long, but most are found in the classroom or home; have learners or other teachers help gather materials
  • Provides teacher instructions; student handouts and answer keys; and extensions
  • Includes critical thinking questions 
  • Each lab includes teacher tips, pre-lab discussion points, lab tips, and how to integrate the activity into your classroom
  • None
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