The Simple Present: Affirmative and Negative Statements

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The present tense is a helpful skill to review in any language arts classroom. Focusing on statements made in the affirmative and in the negative, a slideshow presentation guides pupils through grammar rules and examples for the simple present tense, while offering extra practice throughout the slides.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Assign the presentation during a visit to the computer lab or when using class devices
  • Have small groups work together on the practice slides
  • Encourage learners to create posters that illustrate affirmative and negative statements
Classroom Considerations
  • The presentation is helpful for both English learners and mainstream classes
  • Animations may be distracting for some members of the class
  • Slides are colorful and engaging
  • Practice exercises help learners review the skills
  • Presentation uses the theme of cultural traditions, making it a good social studies resource as well
  • None