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The Effects of Underwater Pressure on the Body

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Exactly what causes the the pain you feel when diving to the deep end of a pool? Find out with this short video that explores the physical laws governing the behavior of gases and the ways they affect marine life and scuba divers that travel deep beneath the ocean's surface.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Add this video to a physical science lesson series on air and water pressure
  • If possible, place an inflated balloon in a glass bell jar and demonstrate what happens when you increase or decrease the air pressure in the jar
  • Flip your physics classroom by assigning this video and assessment as homework
  • Engaging animations help to capture the viewer's attention and reinforce the scientific concepts being presented
  • The website allows teacher to develop their own lessons around the content in the video
  • Accompanying the video is a short quiz with five multiple choice and three free-response questions
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