Lesson Plan

Physical and Chemical Properties of Water

How can you effectively provide detailed concepts of water properties to your high school class in a way they find exciting and challenging at the same time? By letting them play, of course! Through a variety of experiments, pupils investigate physical and chemical properties of water as they examine surface tension, heating and cooling rates, and capillary action. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Have learners write a short story about a fictional family, living on another planet, without access to water; include specific details about how the family is affected due to the lack of water resources around them
  • Instruct pupils to create a presentation that classifies the key concepts of water and its unique physical/chemical properties
Classroom Considerations
  • Prepare water samples ahead of time
  • Allows for the ability to perform experiments simultaneously or split them for multiple tests
  • Uses common chemicals that require little cleanup and are not toxic 
  • None