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Stress Management - Doctor Disease

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Doctor, doctor, help me please! As part of their study of the correlation between disease and illness, middle schoolers take on the role of doctors. They rotate through 10 learning stations, read about patients' symptoms, and write a summary paragraph about how stress leads to the patient's symptoms. Individuals then create a list of their own top 10 stressors, watch a Fight or Flight video, and chart a 30-day Stress Management plan.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Set up 10 learning stations, enlarge, laminate, and post a different patient profile at each station
  • Divide the class into 10 teams and have the team members consult on their diagnoses as they rotate around the room
Classroom Considerations
  • Set aside extra prep time to set up learning stations, prepare materials, and make color copies
  • The lesson is part of the 16-resource Health Smart eighth grade Social Emotion Health series
  • The activity creates an awareness of the impact of stress on the body as well as on the social life of individuals
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