Introduction to Calculus

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This heady calculus text covers the subjects of differential and integral calculus with rigorous detail, culminating in a chapter of physics and engineering applications. A particular emphasis on classic proof meshes with modern graphs, rendered visuals, and real-life examples to create a remarkably well-rounded collegiate level text. Notable resources include the lengthy appendices, with lists of integrals and background material, table of unit conversions, and answer key to nearly all the textbook problems.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Consider using the beautiful graphs and renderings from the chapters, especially the 3D ones, to enrich a lower-level curriculum
  • Introduce proofs and explanatory language in a pre-calculus class as examples of mathematical rigor
  • Use the material from the Chapter 5 applications in a cross-curricular unit with the physics department or as material to go with a presentation from an engineer or physicist
Classroom Considerations
  • Material is very densely written and might require significant support even for the high-level pre-calculus class
  • Many diagrams in the pdf are drawn in color which might be a consideration for visually impaired learners or when creating copies for the class
  • Careful and rigorous mathematical treatment of each subject
  • Wide and deep coverage of integral calculus
  • High quality graphics and applications provided
  • Emphasis on STEM connections
  • Answer key provided is solutions only, not worked problems
  • No assessments aligned to chapters available
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