Mid-Module Assessment Task: Pre-Calculus Module 4

This Mid-Module Assessment Task: Pre-Calculus Module 4 assessment also includes:

Challenge scholars to show what they know about properties and addition and subtraction formulas for trigonometric functions. The resource provides a mid-unit check on the progress toward mastery of trigonometric concepts. The areas include finding trigonometric values using the unit circle, addition and subtraction formulas, double and half angle formulas, constructing tangent lines, and using sinusoidal graphs to model waves.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Have class members rank where they feel they are on the way to mastering the standards
  • Use the results of the assessment to create groups for additional instruction
Classroom Considerations

  •  The class should be familiar with HSF-TF.A.3, HSF-TF.A.4, HSF-TF.C.9, and HSG.C.A.4

  • Rubric identifies the standard that each question addresses
  • The answer key shows the steps needed to arrive at the solution

  • None