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How Do US Supreme Court Justices Get Appointed?

This How Do US Supreme Court Justices Get Appointed? instructional video also includes:

Nomination, approval, and appointment—these are the three major steps in becoming a Supreme Court justice. But the process is much more meticulous than that. View a video that explains the rigorous process a person must endure before holding a life-long seat in the Supreme Court.



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Instructional Ideas
  • Have groups research Justices currently holding a seat in the Supreme Court 
  • Flip the classroom and instruct class members to watch the video and take the quiz outside of school, saving class time for discussion and further research of the topic
Classroom Considerations
  • Replay the video more than once so that viewers can better grasp the steps in gaining a seat
  • Best used during a study of the three branches of govenrment, specifically the Judicial Branch
  • The resource includes the video, discussion questions, links to research, and a quiz to check for understanding
  • None