The U.S. Supreme Court

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How do Supreme Court justices determine which cases to consider? What happens when the Supreme Court decides not to take a case?  The lesson explores important questions and others in the field of criminology. It focuses on the appeals process, writs of certiorari, and the importance of precedent.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Assign the page as a resource for finding definitions of key terms
  • Use the links in the lesson to ask scholars to prepare for a classroom role-play activity
Classroom Considerations
  • Page is part of a series of five lessons on the organization of the Federal Courts.  
  • Reading level is more suitable for high school age than lower levels
  • Includes current Supreme Court justices with links to their biographies
  • Interactive quiz is an effective, four-question review of the lesson
  • The highlighted key terms link to a glossary of definitions for easier research
  • The font size is small and navigation is somewhat confusing