Hands on Banking

This Hands on Banking unit also includes:

What happens to your money between the time you make a bank deposit and the time you decide to spend it? Take middle schoolers and teens through the process of opening checking and savings accounts, creating a personal budget, maintaining a line of credit, and managing expenses with a packet of economic lessons and worksheets.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Use in a social studies class when discussing banking and home economics
  • Host a seminar for young economists who'd like to learn more about credit cards, loans, and budgets
Classroom Considerations

  • Note proficiency recommendations on page 5 for learners who are engaging in the lessons
  • Some darker worksheets or graphic organizers may not print or copy clearly

  • Provides links to the educational program in both English and Spanish
  • Comes with teacher tips for each section, as well as a list of classroom implementation tips
  • A tables of contents helps with planning
  • Includes many real-world scenarios and situations for learners to apply their economic knowledge

  • None
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