Freedom to Change

Here's something unusual and thoughtful: have your scholars do some pensive reflection themselves before tackling how such meditative techniques are used in prison rehabilitation programs. They watch the "Path of Freedom" video found online before critically exploring issues of prison rehabilitation, the purpose of the prison system, and meditation. Discussion questions and writing prompts provided.

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CCSS: Designed
NGSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Go beyond the walls of the classroom and have class members try to find out what rehabilitation programs or techniques are in place at local prisons
  • For an easy extension, have scholars break into groups, assign to each group one of the resources linked at the bottom of the lesson plan, and have that group lead a discussion based on their chosen resource
Classroom Considerations
  • Doing the mindfulness exercise component of the lesson plan may be difficult with a large class; be sure to see the links provided at the bottom of the resource for tips
  • Make sure you have Internet available to playback the video in class
  • The lesson may hit close to home for those with relatives in the prison system—be aware of this possibility and be sensitive to it
  • Beyond simply learning about it, students get a chance to practice meditation/guided mindfulness themselves
  • Discussion questions and writing prompts are provocative and make good use of the anchor source
  • None