Formulae of Ionic Compounds and their Names - Part 2

I asked the cat sitting next to me if he had any Sodium Hypobromite; he said NaBrO. The third video in the six-part series introduces how to name polyatomic ions such as Sodium Hypobromite. It offers the general rules and a few example problems.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Create additional practice problems for scholars to oomplete
Classroom Considerations
  • Works best as a review as it moves quickly and doesn't fully explain all of the rules
  • Assumes prior knowledge from the previous video in the series
  • Includes a prompt to get out paper and a pencil to solve the problem as well as a prompt to pause the video
  • The video's short length highlights the most common of the rules for naming ionic compounds
  • None
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