Chemistry Formula Practice

Practice naming chemical compounds or stating the formula when given the name. Discover how well you have mastered these skills either by time or percentage correct.

8th - 12th Science 84 Views 42 Downloads
App Overview
  • Beginner, advanced, and mixed-difficulty levels
  • Five- or ten-minute time intervals, or unlimited practice
  • Select 25, 50, 75, or all of the total problems to try
  • Categories include ionic or molecular compounds, polyatomic ions, acids and bases, hydrocarbons, and organic functional groups
  • Score displayed immediately upon finishing
  • Classroom leaderboard allows multiple learners to track and compare scores
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Rating Details
  • Adherence to task

    Provides practice naming or identifying compounds

  • Worth the money

    At only $1.99, this is a terrific purchase

  • Fun factor

    Especially if you introduce a competitive component

  • Scaffolding of learning

    Tutorial included

  • User safety

    Leaderboards incorporate sharing of information, but a code is required

  • Control and feedback

    Select levels, number and type of questions, category, and time intervals

  • How techie do I need to be?
Instructional Ideas

If you set up a classroom leaderboard (through the Information button), you can get some competition going among young chemists! Award prizes for the fastest class member or for the highest percentage correct from a predetermined number of problems.

Allow groups that finish labs more quickly than others to use the time to practice naming formulas.

This tool can be used as an interactive quiz by having individuals show you their scores or by tracking them through the leaderboard.

Classroom Considerations

Subscripts for Name to Formula selection are tiny, making them a bit difficult to read.

Set up a classroom code so that individuals can track scores and compare with each other. Assign a category for them to choose, the way for them to practice (Formula to Name or Name to Formula), the level of difficulty, and then Leaderboard Challenge.

In step one of the tutorial, there is a misspelling of the word "button." This poses no functional problem, just an error that may be noticed.

The app icon, once downloaded, is titled Formulas, not the extended Chemistry Formula Practice.

  • Reinforces the naming of chemical compounds
  • Tiny subscripts in the chemical formulas