Density Column Lab - Part 2

Groups suspend objects within layers of liquids to determine the densities of different liquids and compare them to the densities of objects calculated in Part 1. The groups then carefully test their calculations by layering the liquids and placing the object within a graduated cylinder. After pupils create the density column, they find out how adding liquid detergent affects the column. 

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • If the pasta and crayon are not where pupils expect, discuss what might have caused the upset
  • Have the class make predictions on where other objects may end up in the column
Classroom Considerations
  • Consider creating the density column for yourself, but keep it out of sight until each group is finished with theirs
  • The final activity in a series of nine
  • The resource contains assessments to use before, during, and after the activity
  • The activity has the pupils make predictions of what will happen
  • Includes a unit post-test to administer at the end of the unit
  • The scatter plot standards for eighth grade and high school do not really match since the graph requested in the activity is not a scatter plot