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Density: Sink and Float for Liquids

We don't think of liquids as floating typically, but a quick look at any oil spill tells a different story. Lesson explores various densities of liquids and why this fact is important. After observing the density variation, scholars measure to see if their calculations support their observations. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Connect the extension activity to the difference in fish that live in salt water versus fresh water
Classroom Considerations
  • Remember isopropyl alcohol is flammable, so follow all safety precautions
  • Projections are still images and not animated like other lessons in the series, so many methods will work in the classroom
  • Lesson is the fifth in a series of six
  • Provides information on where to find all scientific equipment
  • Follows a 5E format
  • Includes discussion questions and ideal answers to help that portion of the lesson stay on track
  • None