Lesson Plan

Can Liquids Dissolve in Water?

How does food coloring work? Classes watch a demonstration showing liquids dissolving in liquids. In groups, they then explore the ability of other liquids to dissolve in water (alcohol, mineral oil, and corn syrup) by setting up and completing their own experiments. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • As an extension, challenge groups to create a column of liquids where some float and some dissolve in others, creating specific layers and colors
Classroom Considerations
  • Groups use 70% of higher isopropyl alcohol; follow all safety guidelines found in the lab and for your school/classroom
  • Lab may take longer than one hour to complete
  • Part seven in a series of nine
  • Activity provides reference materials, activity worksheet and key, and links to videos for teachers to use
  • Higher order thinking questions and answers scripted throughout the lesson 
  • Includes extension activity to further learners' knowledge
  • None