Lesson Plan

Coping Skills

A lesson brings awareness to a variety of emotions. After discussing the many types of emotions, scholars create a list sorting emotions as easy and hard and then brainstorm coping skills. Pupils draw a picture depicting a scenario that requires one of the coping skills discussed.

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Instructional Ideas
  • Invite the school's psychologist to participate in the lesson, and ask them to add their professional advice 
  • Pay close attention to the scenarios class members draw, give support and take any steps as needed and mandated
Classroom Considerations
  • The third lesson is a series of 12
  • The Independent Practice portion may be too advanced for the youngest learners; add support as needed
  • Bringing up certain emotions may be triggering for some participants
  • Stresses the fact that some emotions are quickly dealt with while others are not
  • Offers eight example coping strategies 
  • None