Lesson Plan

Complex Networks and Graphs

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Show your class how engineers use graphs to understand large and complex systems. The resource provides the beginnings of graph theory by introducing the class to set theory, graphs, and degree distributions of a graph. 

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas
  • Invite an engineer to come speak to the class about complex networks they encounter in their field
  • Map out the social network of one of the class members
Classroom Considerations
  • Remind the class of the difference between graphs that they studied in math and graphs in graph theory
  • The first installment in a four-part series
  • The assessment section has specific questions to ask at the end of each segment
  • The vocabulary/definition section has words and phrases that help pupils understand the concepts
  • A clearly defined engaging instructional method is not outlined in the resource
  • The function and data standards are a very loose fit to the lesson but connected to the final assessment