Lesson Plan

Attributes of a Civil Society

What makes a society civil? High school freshmen search for examples of justice, kindness, peace, and tolerance in news media and brainstorm how they can promote these attributes in their schools, communities, and world. The well-rounded resource includes directions for a role-play activity, a vocabulary list, and cross-curriculum extensions, all promoting kindness and generosity. 

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Provide an assignment the night before where pupils think of what the four definitions mean to them in today's world
  • Extension activity where the class provides proof of current events that center on the ideas of a civil society
Classroom Considerations
  • The four charts need to be large enough to view from anywhere in the classroom
  • Laminate the charts for reuse 
  • Steps are easy to follow for the teacher
  • Provides handouts for teacher use
  • None