The Weimar Republic: Historical Context and Decision Making

Did you know that way before Hitler became a dictator, he actually spent nine months in a German jail? Provide the background for the escalating point before the Nazi party took over in World War II through the exercises in the resource. Activities include a warm-up, group work, primary source analysis, and oral presentations that build on what pupils understand so far.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Instead of an in-class oral presentation, flip the classroom by assigning pupils to record a video presentation at home
  • Teach a short lesson about inflation beforehand if many students do not grasp economics yet
Classroom Considerations
  • Suggests reading a chapter of a linked resource from the website before class
  • Reinforces learning with homework assignment ideas
  • Eases scholars into comprehending concepts with scaffolded curriculum
  • Paints a vivid picture of the time before the Nazi party took over
  • None