The Physics Classroom: Reflection and Refraction

Collector: Ann V.

The six concept-builders in the Physics Classroom: Reflection and Refraction series uses carefully crafted questions to target various concepts involving mirrors and lenses. The first interactive provides three levels of practice demonstrating mastery of the Law of Reflection. While working through the second interactive, pupils demonstrate knowledge of reflection and its forms. Scholars explore the changes to an image based on the mirror's curve, the location of the image, and more. They must correctly identify four variables to pass each challenge. Next, pupils apply their knowledge of refraction to four different sets of challenges—each of the first three focuses on one variable's impact on the direction of bending. The fourth combines variables for a more significant challenge. The fifth interactive has pupils discover a lens, axis, and object arrow before identifying four characteristics of the resulting image. They label the location, orientation, relative size, and type. For the last lesson, scholars work through three activities applying their knowledge of total internal reflection (TIR). First, they identify which diagrams create TIR and which don't. Next, they match different boundary behaviors considering the angle of incidence and the critical angle. Finally, they compare two media and identify the correct diagram to achieve TIR. Each concept-builder offers three increasingly difficult levels, immediate feedback, and in-game support, providing high levels of success for all.

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