Geometry Unit 8: Transformations

Collector: Ann V.

Four resources make up the Geometry 8 Unit Module. To begin, scholars review the different types of transformations. They work in more detail with translations by drawing the transformations and writing the algebraic rule. In the second lesson, learners practice two methods to create reflections of geometric figures. First, they count a point's distance from the line of reflection to create reflections of geometric figures. Then, given the rules for four basic lines of reflections, pupils determine the points to create the image of a figure. Moving on, scholars define rotations of multiples of 90 degrees and create algebraic mappings for them. After introducing symmetry, they determine which letters of the alphabet have rotational and reflectional symmetry. The final lesson in the series has learners review the three types of transformations from the unit: translations, reflections, and rotations. Scholars work on a few quick problems to review the key points of each transformation and then complete a worksheet to review the three transformations further.

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