Geometry Unit 2: Reasoning and Proof

Collector: Ann V.

The four lessons in the Geometry Unit 2 module are all about reasoning and proof. In the first lesson pupils watch a video introducing conditional statements and their related statements. Learners find out how to identify the hypothesis and conclusion as well as write the converse, inverse, and contrapositive from an if-then statement. Next, scholars review algebraic properties and use the properties to create two-column proofs to solve linear equations. They also complete algebraic proofs by providing either missing statements or reasons. In the third lesson, pupils participate in creating four example proofs. They use a list of geometric properties to develop the proofs by filling in both the statements and reasons. Finally, class members watch a short review of the content from the unit to prepare for the unit exam. The review covers inductive reasoning, conditional and related statements, and two-column algebraic and geometric proofs.

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