Flipped Math: Geometry

Collector: Ann V.

Imagine taking a complete geometry course remotely! Eleven units make up the My Geometry course. Each unit follows the Flipped-Mastery cycle of learning, divided into two semesters. Pupils watch and take notes on a video that details the concepts and models how to use the concepts to solve problems. They then complete practice exercises and apply their knowledge before completing a mastery check. Each lesson also includes additional exercises for those who need more practice.

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lines, planes, geometric vocabulary, collinear, coplanar, line segments, segments, rays, postulates, isosceles triangles, congruence, distance, midpoints, midpoint formula, coordinate geometry, coordinate pair, distance formula, addition angles, angle measurement, angles, algebraic equations, solving equations, linear equations, acute angles, adjacent angles, angle bisectors, complementary angles, congruent angles, vertex, vertical angles, supplementary angles, straight angles, right angles, counterexample, conditional statements, converse, contrapositive, inverse, geometric proofs, two-column proofs, inductive reasoning, proofs, addition property of equality, multiplication property of equality, substitution, reflexive property, parallel lines with a transversal, corresponding angles, division property of equality, hypotheses, conclusions, parallel lines, alternate interior angles, triangle sum theorem, slope-intercept form, reciprocals, y-intercepts, slope formula, slope, skew lines, congruent triangles, triangle classification, corresponding sides, angle angle side theorem, obtuse triangles, scalene triangles, theorems, rectangles, rhombus, squares, diagonal lines, quadrilaterals, kites, trapezoids, parallelograms, area of parallelograms, properties of parallelograms, regular polygons, similar figures, similar triangles, similarity, scale factors, proportions, parallel sides, ratios, pythagorean theorem, pythagorean triples, simplify radicals, special right triangles, trigonometric word problems, trigonometric ratios, trigonometry applications, cosine, sine, tangent, inverses, transformations, rotational symmetry, symmetry, rotations, angle of rotation, coordinate plane, x-axis, horizontal line, vertical lines, dilations, isometries, area, area formulas, area of circles, area of triangles, circumference, circles, arc length, central angles, diameter, pi, semicircle, irregular polygons, hexagons, apothem, area of trapezoids, isosceles trapezoids, surfaces, prisms, cones, cylinders, pyramids, spheres, bases, faces, 3-d figures, volume of pyramids, volume of cones, cavalieri's principle, surface area, surface area of prisms, surface area of cylinders, chords, tangent lines, secant, inscribed angle, geometric properties, geometric probability, probability, probability word problems, theoretical probability, sample spaces, compound probability, tree diagrams
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