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Lesson Planet is a great deal. Member since 2017

Deborah H.
Upper Marlboro, MD
Lesson Planet makes planning easier and helps me so much to organize my thoughts.

Meghann S.
Richlands, NC
Using Lesson Planet gives me a lot of ideas. It is really helpful for finding new and creatives activities. My students are more engaged in my classes.

Odelvis P.
Homestead, FL
Lesson Planet continues to impact teacher lives all over the world.

Patissia C.
Manchester, GA
I am using Lesson Planet to plan for differentiation. Member since 2011

Pamela Q.
Burtonsville, MD
Lesson Planet has helped me find lesson ideas for classes that I teach without the proper resources.

Belinda B.
Braggs, OK
Lesson Planet has given me great lesson plans for my class.

Sheena C.
Grand Prairie, TX
Lesson Planet has been helpful, the lesson plans are very complete.

Ana M.
Inglis, FL
Lesson Planet has made it easier to plan differentiated lessons.

Dawn H.
Ocala, FL
Lesson Planet helped me find newer and more exciting lesson plans.

James C.
Warwick, NY
Lesson Planet has been a great resource teaching STEM lessons to my students.

Melissa M.
Marianna, FL
Lesson Planet has saved me so much time and gives me so many ideas. It’s a blessing. Jazlyn Rivera Special Education teacher

Jazlyn R.
Linden, NC
This is a great site for resources. It is well worth the little amount that it costs

Lincoln D.
Ochlocknee, GA
Lesson Planet has helped me fine tune my lessons and give me ideas to differentiate my lessons to ensure all students have an opportunity to learn.

Jamie L.
Lesson Planet has helped me to save time in preparing my lesson plans.

Rahmatallah A.
Vauxhall, NJ
Lesson Planet has helped me tremendously, I'm a new teacher and I did not have a structured curriculum so it really helped me plan my lessons by being able to access lessons from Lesson Planet.

Marcella C.
Houston, TX
Lesson Planet makes finding sample problems very easy. Member since 2012.

Jonathan S.
Jersey City, NJ
Yes, this website is very helpful. Thank you.

Karen K.
Lesson Planet helps me find lesson plans that are easy to implement.

Tom P.
Chippewa Falls, WI
I am a homeschool parent. This site has helped me be able to put together a great curriculum for all of my children based on their ages and needs.

Elizabeth R.
Manassas, VA
Lesson Planet is a complete pack for a teacher to teach from. Lovely texts and activities that keep the attention of a varied age group.

Roopan S.
United Kingdom
Lesson Planet helped me find lots of versatile lesson plans.

Andrea E.
Lesson Planet's worked very well in my classroom and was easy to follow. Member since 2015.

Ameenah K.
Chicago, IL
I have been able to access new instructional strategies for my lessons.

Vivian B.
Blythewood, SC
Lesson Planet has been helpful finding ideas for a new course I'm teaching.

Sean D.
Buffalo, NY
Lesson Planet has helped me plan lessons on topics that are hard to find.

Rosemary R.
Waynesville, NC
Lesson Planet helps me zero in on specific skills without hunting for hours.

Susan L.
Midland, GA
Yes, Lesson Planet has saved me much time.

Deborah H.
Raleigh, NC
I found a lot of resources, worksheets and PowerPoint presentations. It's very useful.

Rania H.
Mill Neck, NY
Lesson Planet has been very handy and easy to navigate.

Amelia S.
Matthews, NC

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Liesel Gruben
Filmed at TCEA 2011 in Austin, TX

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