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Lesson Planet has helped me prepare lessons that are more engaging.

Maria M.
Sylmar, CA
I'd like to thx all teachers sharing their experience and ideas that helps me a lot.

Aissam G.
Lesson Planet helps me a lot since I can incorporate lessons to my curriculum just make some changes and that's it. Member since 2015.

Vivian L.
Katy, TX
I have been able to upload pictures/lessons/worksheets and use them in my classroom.

Allison T.
Prescott, WI
Lesson Planet has many resources and inspires new ideas for teaching lessons.

Betty K.
Bentonville, AR
Lesson Planet has provided interesting support materials for the face-to-face instruction provided for students in all my classes as well as provided enrichment and/or remediation.

Deborah T.
West End, NC
Lesson Planet has helped me tremendously as I work in a Special Education classroom.

Gwendolyn K.
Milwaukee, WI
Lesson Planet is a great tool.

Vaughan S.
Decatur, GA
I have had wonderful success finding alternate resources within the same subject/topic for my class of students with differing abilities. This has saved me so much time!!!

Maureen L.
Carmel, NY
Lesson Planet has provided great resources for quick lessons on a variety of subjects. Member since 2015.

Jenny M.
Salisbury, MD
Lesson Planet is great. I teach ESL and it has helped me immensely. I love the way it is laid out. It is easy to find info.

Patricia W.
Denton, TX
I have found incredible articles and lesson plans to help me with my teaching practice everyday.

Robinson R.
Ridgewood, NY
Lesson Planet, Love it! Keep up the awesome work! Member since 2015.

Gina G.
Tulare, CA
Lesson Planet has helped me get ideas for some of my science lessons.

Vera C.
Staten Island, NY
Lesson Planet... love it.

Heba K.
Chicago, IL
It has been a great source for teaching!

Jennifer F.
Humble, TX
I have subbed for several years and just recently obtained a full- time position teaching middle-school special ed. Your site has helped me save time and find creative lessons/activities.

Carmen T.
Lesson Planet has been great!!!

Randie B.
Corona, CA
Lesson Planet has been amazing to use. I think its great. Very useful.

Llanette G.
Miami, FL
I am able to get resources I can't get other places.

Denise B.
Fayetteville, NC
It's great! There are some great lessons that make it easier to plan, especially when teaching 5 different resource classes.

Susan L.
Shelbyville, KY
I have found some great lessons on this site. The plans are vetted, connect to standards we use, and written by teachers.

Arwen G.
Lesson planet provides creative and innovative activities to teach with. Often simply seeing ways other teachers have presented content provides insight and ideas for my own applications.

Mark L.
Lesson Planet is my 'go to" site when I need materials and/or good graphic organizers. I am very happy with your site.

Pamela C.
Lesson Planet has been a classroom life saver for many years for me. It's well worth the annual fee. It's the BEST!!!!

Keisha H.
Camilla, GA
There are times I just can't get creative in planning lessons that are engaging. Lesson Planet is my go-to website to find whatever I need.

Rebecca J.
Coldspring, TX
Lesson Planet helped me as a teacher by saving time. I'm not continuously reinventing the wheel. I can take these lesson plans and make the appropriate for my class.

Gay R.
I am developing new material for my class. It is nice to have the resources available to teachers who have so many other things to worry about.

Dorothy S.
Glendale, AZ
Lesson Planet helps me develop quick lessons for students since I don't have a lot of planning time.

Janell S.
Fargo, ND
I first started using lesson planet as a teacher candidate and it helped save time and ideas to modify for the grade I was teaching. Member since 2015.

Lillian K.
East Hartford, CT

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