This Week's Testimonials

Lesson Planet has been a useful tool for the development and preparation of my lessons.

Angela M.
Lesson Planet has helped me enhance my presentation of various aspects of how I am teaching French. Now that we are going online for a while, I am very grateful to have these resources!

Melanie W.
Jackson, MS
Lesson Planet has helped, especially now with Distance Learning.

Diane M.
Coos Bay, OR
I teach an Language Arts class and there have been many useful lessons and ideas I have found. My experience has been very good. Member since 2011.

Joanne D.
Westfield, MA
Lesson Planet has helped me as a youth case manager during the Corona Virus on client diagnosis worksheets. It has also helped with activities, such as science experiments to decrease feelings of isolation.

Christina C.
Somers, MT
Lesson Planet helps me gain ideas and other ways to teach.

Paula W.
El Dorado, AR
I’m a home school educator and find these resources very helpful!

Diana S.
Lesson Planet has helped me with lesson planning and resources for reading and math. Members since 2014.

Helen M.
Nottingham, MD
Lesson Planet has helped me adapt my own lessons and skills in lifelong learning.

Tracey W.

More Testimonials

Lesson Planet has helped me plan lessons on topics that are hard to find.

Rosemary R.
Waynesville, NC
Lesson Planet helps me zero in on specific skills without hunting for hours.

Susan L.
Midland, GA
Yes, Lesson Planet has saved me much time.

Deborah H.
Raleigh, NC
I found a lot of resources, worksheets and PowerPoint presentations. It's very useful.

Rania H.
Mill Neck, NY
Lesson Planet has been very handy and easy to navigate.

Amelia S.
Matthews, NC
I love this site. As a homeschool Mom, I really enjoy having the extra practice we need at my fingertips.

Wendy N.
Anniston, AL
Lesson Planet helps me greatly, lots of worksheets and ideas for lesson plans. Member since 2015.

Richard G.
Lesson Planet has helped me immensely, especially with phonics, pronunciation and reading. Member since 2014.

Lazette J.
Dallas, TX
Lesson Planet enhances the topics I present. Keep up the good work.

Regina H.
Wharton, WV
Lesson Planet is saving me time!! Looking for inspirational lesson plans for a high school music appreciation class.

Martha T.
Columbus, OH
I look up an area I'm going to teach, and Lesson Planet provides ideas for me. Member since 2011.

M.j. S.
Tooele, UT
I love Lesson Planet. It makes it easier to find lesson plans and so much more to help my child learn and grow.

Linzie S.
Bunceton, MO
Lesson Planet has help me a lot. I love it. Member since 2015.

Lisa L.
Albany, GA
Lesson Planet helps me find great ideas. I appreciate discovering the hard work fellow educators have done.

Nadia C.
Steilacoom, WA
There are some great lessons! I’ve enjoyed Lesson Planet so much.

Vicki H.
Leland, NC
It has helped me provide my students with more creative ways to learn and activities that keep them excited and ready to learn.

Rebecca C.
United States
Lesson Planet helps me with supplements to my teaching units and in providing additional learning practice.

Mimi S.
El Cajon, CA
I have subscriptions to many lesson plans sites and such, but this right here is Amazing! The subject matters & lessons I was searching for were there in abundance! In addition, the resource links are incredible as well! I teach several different subjects and Lesson Planet is a One Stop Shop for me! I tend to think big when it comes to educating my scholars and in some ways that's great, but on the other hand, it takes up much of my time and Lesson Planet makes it simple and easily accessible. Immense Gratitude!

Rachel H.
United States
Lesson Plane helps me to find lesson plans with engagement and rigor.

Carolyn D.
Dallas, TX
I loved the course I took!

Julie S.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Lesson Planet is great to have the option for ready-made resources in a pinch for time! Member since 2014.

Christina M.
Lansdale, PA
Lesson Planet helps to stimulate ideas.

Jeannette S.
Grand Blanc, MI
When I went on this site, I did not know what all it entailed. I just knew I needed help with teaching Life Skills. I found it to be all inclusive of every subject I needed help with. Its excellent! Member since 2016.

Glendora W.
Washington, TX
Lesson Planet has been a big help.

Jennifer B.
Metropolis, IL
Lesson Planet has helped me tremendously as a new high school teacher that teaches 4 sciences. The different methods of delivering the content is helpful and in one place. Member since 2015.

Monica H.
Spring, TX
Lesson Planet has helped me very much and given me more ideas for future lessons.

Yuniet C.
Bronx, NY
Lesson Planet has helped me with ideas for improving my teaching plan.

Paula T.
Glendale, AZ
I have saved time besides the students enjoy the activities in each lesson. Very helpful! Member since 2015.

Irene L.
Humacao, PR
Lesson Planet provides me excellent extra help. Member since 2015.

Cheryl C.
Everett, MA
Finding resources already drawn up, and ready to go has allowed me to spend less time reinventing the wheel, and more time educating the students. I would have had to spend so much more time just developing these worksheets, and amassing the videos/tutorials, and what have you, that I wouldn't have been able to catch up.

James M.
Lead, SD

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Liesel Gruben
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