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Lesson Planet helps me enrich my teaching experience.

Jingting W.
United States
Knowing what I want in my Head, sometimes does not transfer to application . Having experienced teachers provide lessons and worksheets, gives more time to keep students engaged with a variety of activities

Johnetta O.
Stone Mountain, GA
I have use Lesson Planet for inspiration in creating lesson plans. It is a great source. I appreciate everything about Lesson Planet

Mary H.
Newport News, VA
Lesson Planet provides me with needed work sheets and maps that I need.

Phyllis A.
Baton Rouge, LA
Lesson Planet is a timesaver and gives great ideas.

Daniel C.
Schenectady, NY
Lesson Planet has made it easy to add activities and quizzes to my current curriculum. I'm happy.

Candra C.
Benton, LA
Lesson Planet has helped me plan my lessons to initiate more creative and detailed responses from the students. Member since 2007.

Jean Y.
Newport, OR
Yes, I am learning a lot as a first year teacher. There are so much information here to help in the educational development of children.

Vanessa L.
Staten Island, NY
As a new teacher I have found this very beneficial in planning lessons and presenting them in different ways.

Christine C.
Hailesboro, NY
Lesson Planet helps to make my lessons more interesting. My students have been learning english in a better way.

Katerina P.
Perm, Russia
Using Lesson Planet, I have found innovative ideas and inspiration for ideas of my own.

Cynthia C.
Norman, OK
Lesson Planet helps by giving me lessons quickly if I'm stuck.

Melissa S.
Point Pleasant, WV
Love the lessons and activities.

Paul M.
Amarillo, TX
Helps me to help students understand more in depth of what needs to be taught.

Marie M.
United States
Lesson Planet has helped me write better lesson plans.

Verdale T.
United States
You don't waste time creating lessons from scratch or looking at internet!

Crystal E.
Rochester, NY
I love that the lessons are varied and interesting! I like this model better than the "Teachers Pay Teachers" so that I do not have to pay for each individual lesson.

Sarah C.
Palmer, AK
Lesson Planet is a great resource and inspiration for ideas!

Patricia F.
Jacksonville, FL
The lesson plans I find allow me to explore various ideas, thus I can integrate excellent activities in each unit. Member since 2014.

Teresa W.
Phoenix, AZ
Lesson Planet has helped me find engaging and meaningful lessons to use with my students. Member since 2014.

Beth F.
Maumelle, AR
Lesson Planet helps me build an idea of how to create, present and assess students needs.

Megan L.
San Antonio, TX
Lesson Planet has been an amazing help. Member since 2014.

Elizabeth N.
Syracuse, NY
Lesson Planet provides me with a myriad of resources that are helpful to me as a teacher.

Darlene W.
Grafton, MA
When teaching multiple preps, it's extremely helpful to be able to use Lesson Planet to pull resources. It's been very good for me.

Tonya S.
Houston, TX
Lesson Planet has helped me find more creative lesson plans.

Belinda B.
Braggs, OK
Lesson Planet has helped with with planning lessons for literature books. Everything is great.

Trish B.
Colorado Springs, CO
Lesson Planet makes it easy to find what you are looking for and easy to download materials. Member since 2015.

Debbie R.
Yes. It has given me some creative ideas and ways to structure a lesson - another point of view is always welcome. Keep you the good work.

Brenda W.
I am finding great resources!

Tami A.
Carlsbad, NM
Lesson Planet is very good so far, no problems.

Andrea C.

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Liesel Gruben
Filmed at TCEA 2011 in Austin, TX

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